The sea and soil

I’ve spent some time today with 2 elements I absolutely love – the sea and soil – both things that involve me spending time outside. The weather has been a wonderfully fresh (so bright sunshine, supported with a biting easterly wind) and once the wind dropped away, the sun’s warmth was a welcome friend. There … Continue reading The sea and soil

Welcoming in 2022

A new year – the sea has been lovely the last 2 days. Myself and friends enjoying New Years day and again today. I was lucky enough for one of my friends to take the above picture I’m looking forward to starting a new project this year – I am a runner. Enjoy the year Continue reading Welcoming in 2022

Getting in the sea

Following on from last weeks list of things to do, I was thinking of things that combined several of the ideas. Getting into cold water can cover up to 5, which this certainly did: wash with cold water, get out into the fresh air, do something hard, stretch & move and smile & laugh. Unsurprisingly … Continue reading Getting in the sea

Doing less to do more.

In January Jenny booked a holiday in Mousehole, Cornwall. Both of us had had a really intense last few days in and out of work and really needed to spend the time away, so where hugely looking forward to the break. We had a prefect little cottage, part of a small row that you could … Continue reading Doing less to do more.

A perfect evening

What a beautiful sunset it was last night. The weather was glorious. Getting out of London was the right idea. Arriving at the coast, taking a BBQ to the beach, a dip in the sea with friends, food, music, conversation all to above as a backdrop. Calm, relaxing and wonderful. We were the only people … Continue reading A perfect evening