Coaching – why?

I’ve had this on my mind recently – in terms of two questions I was asked, one recently taking me back in a circular fashion to another, I was asked a few months ago. Both have this principle (coaching – why?) central to underpinning the question asked and so I thought it was a good … Continue reading Coaching – why?

Rehabbing my calf

After resting for 2 weeks, when I did eventual get back to running it went straight away – a case of too much too soon, not enough elsewhere, any and all of the above – who knows. What then followed was a full day of incredible frustration and grumpiness (which I decided to sit with … Continue reading Rehabbing my calf

I am a Runner – Adam

What running means to meA chance to challenge myself and keep fit. To stay slim, ultimately to enter races and race myself to better things, and perhaps times.  Favourite place to run The Peak District National Park has some fabulous routes both flat trails and hills and fields and everything in between. Kinder Scout and … Continue reading I am a Runner – Adam

BtM – Join and grow.

2022 and time to start what I’ve been planning and working towards for the last 3 years. The above picture is a perfect representation of what I want to achieve, coaching people from something less organised to one of calmness and clearer direction. I’m starting a monthly coaching subscription service – BtM, with a focus … Continue reading BtM – Join and grow.