Coaching – why?

I’ve had this on my mind recently – in terms of two questions I was asked, one recently taking me back in a circular fashion to another, I was asked a few months ago. Both have this principle (coaching – why?) central to underpinning the question asked and so I thought it was a good … Continue reading Coaching – why?

Rehabbing my calf

After resting for 2 weeks, when I did eventual get back to running it went straight away – a case of too much too soon, not enough elsewhere, any and all of the above – who knows. What then followed was a full day of incredible frustration and grumpiness (which I decided to sit with … Continue reading Rehabbing my calf

I am a runner – Shaun

What does running mean to you: Running is an inseparable part of my identity. It’s not a choice, it’s part of who I am. Perhaps I have a slightly unhealthy relationship with it (I can’t live without it), but it’s the moment of the day when I am focused on me. I’ll be running until … Continue reading I am a runner – Shaun

The Inner Game of Tennis

I’ve just finished above and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was written in 1974 – with some updates over the intervening years (made obvious by references to tennis players that hadn’t been successful in 1974). As a guide to life it’s wonderful – I imagine that I enjoyed it so much as it precedes Daniel Kahnemann’s … Continue reading The Inner Game of Tennis

I am a runner – May

What does running mean to you: Running is everything to me. I only started running about 8 years ago and it’s good for me mentally, physically. I do it for me time and to clear my mind.  Favourite place to run:  Grand Union Canal, along the canal in West London – Paddington, Wembley. Your best … Continue reading I am a runner – May