The Inner Game of Tennis

I’ve just finished above and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was written in 1974 – with some updates over the intervening years (made obvious by references to tennis players that hadn’t been successful in 1974). As a guide to life it’s wonderful – I imagine that I enjoyed it so much as it precedes Daniel Kahnemann’s … Continue reading The Inner Game of Tennis

Books for Christmas

I had the delivery of most of the books I have bought for myself to read next year, at the end of this week. I’ve got another couple to come – to add to what I’ve got to read above. I’m looking forward to deciding which books to read when (something to do next week). … Continue reading Books for Christmas

4 weeks to go

The London marathon is 4 weeks away. I have just been pondering on what this means, stopped to take a moment to appreciate what I am going to do (in terms of training, rest, food, etc.) and wondered how often I let these milestones go by without embracing them or considering what will happen. Too … Continue reading 4 weeks to go