Having written about the support that coherent breathing gives the body last week I thought it would be interesting to pursue this and delve further into the book The New Science of Breath. The image above is from the opening of chapter 4, which clearly outlines what the authors believe coherence to be, the balance … Continue reading Coherence

Breathing for recovery

I’ve been playing around with different recovery modalities during my Boston marathon training block, looking to ascertain the best methods to help down regulate my body post the longer, tougher marathon sessions. I initially started using 61 point mediation (from the Himalayan tradition) post a long run, with a Wim Hof protocol 6 hours later. … Continue reading Breathing for recovery

New Breathwork studies

I received a round robin email a couple of weeks ago that had links to 2 new breathwork studies that have just been released. One a meta study (so pulling together of lots of other studies) which I’ll come back to another time. The second was a jointly authored paper by several people, including Andrew … Continue reading New Breathwork studies

Breathing Mechanics

I was invited to give a presentation on breathing mechanics to the coach forum that I belong to (The Scholar Program run by Steve Magness & John Marcus). The program itself has been an invaluable resource for me, especially as a relatively new coach in need of support, direction and guidance. So being asked to … Continue reading Breathing Mechanics

Breathing as we run

I’ve been enjoying my running a lot more over the last few weeks – partly as I’ve relaxed a little and also I’ve been fortunate with aches, pains, niggles and injuries (long may this continue). I’ve been able to run in more organised races – the Big Half, the first half of the London marathon … Continue reading Breathing as we run

Rib Flare

I went down a rabbit hole last week, researching rib flare in runners (or hyper extended ribs) and ended up on a long and interesting journey that took in several books and helped pull together some threads for me, alongside which hopefully has helped developed a deeper understanding around just how key the diaphragm & … Continue reading Rib Flare