Rib Flare

I went down a rabbit hole last week, researching rib flare in runners (or hyper extended ribs) and ended up on a long and interesting journey that took in several books and helped pull together some threads for me, alongside which hopefully has helped developed a deeper understanding around just how key the diaphragm & … Continue reading Rib Flare

Coaching – why?

I’ve had this on my mind recently – in terms of two questions I was asked, one recently taking me back in a circular fashion to another, I was asked a few months ago. Both have this principle (coaching – why?) central to underpinning the question asked and so I thought it was a good … Continue reading Coaching – why?

BtM – Join and grow.

2022 and time to start what I’ve been planning and working towards for the last 3 years. The above picture is a perfect representation of what I want to achieve, coaching people from something less organised to one of calmness and clearer direction. I’m starting a monthly coaching subscription service – BtM, with a focus … Continue reading BtM – Join and grow.