Breathing Mechanics

I was invited to give a presentation on breathing mechanics to the coach forum that I belong to (The Scholar Program run by Steve Magness & John Marcus). The program itself has been an invaluable resource for me, especially as a relatively new coach in need of support, direction and guidance. So being asked to … Continue reading Breathing Mechanics

Breathing as we run

I’ve been enjoying my running a lot more over the last few weeks – partly as I’ve relaxed a little and also I’ve been fortunate with aches, pains, niggles and injuries (long may this continue). I’ve been able to run in more organised races – the Big Half, the first half of the London marathon … Continue reading Breathing as we run

BtM – Join and grow.

2022 and time to start what I’ve been planning and working towards for the last 3 years. The above picture is a perfect representation of what I want to achieve, coaching people from something less organised to one of calmness and clearer direction. I’m starting a monthly coaching subscription service – BtM, with a focus … Continue reading BtM – Join and grow.