The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath by William Atkinson

I’ve just finished this short book – 53 pages and what a fascinating little book it is. Originally written in 1903 by William Atkinson (who I discovered wrote under several Eastern sounding pseudonyms which in itself must have some great stories behind it, more here: it was a very interesting text around how we … Continue reading The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath by William Atkinson

Breathing for recovery

I’ve been playing around with different recovery modalities during my Boston marathon training block, looking to ascertain the best methods to help down regulate my body post the longer, tougher marathon sessions. I initially started using 61 point mediation (from the Himalayan tradition) post a long run, with a Wim Hof protocol 6 hours later. … Continue reading Breathing for recovery

PR’s and a BQ

A good day for 3 of the runners I work with today – which is always nice (especially in marathons). So much can go wrong, they really are very hard things to get right. Aside from the length of time it takes to train – stay fit enough and healthy enough to build a decent … Continue reading PR’s and a BQ

Onwards to Boston

I do hope I’m not tempting fate writing about this (although how much tempting fate is our subconscious bias, influencing behaviour leading to the exact outcome we want to avoid I’m unsure about) but to date my road to Boston has been smooth. Hotel for Boston is booked, next flights and somewhere post run to … Continue reading Onwards to Boston

New Breathwork studies

I received a round robin email a couple of weeks ago that had links to 2 new breathwork studies that have just been released. One a meta study (so pulling together of lots of other studies) which I’ll come back to another time. The second was a jointly authored paper by several people, including Andrew … Continue reading New Breathwork studies