I am a runner – Sarah

What does running mean to you: It’s great for my mental health, it’s a release, it brings me a lot of joy. I love knowing my bodies capable of running and the feel of it. I love getting outside on the trails, seeing nature. Favourite place to run:  Definitely trails. I live in Reading where … Continue reading I am a runner – Sarah

I am a runner – Mark

What running means to you? Running means a lot to me, it has taught me many lessons I have taken into my daily life, connected my more with my surrounding and introduced me to some incredible people. Running has provided me opportunities and inspired me in ways I never thought it would when I first … Continue reading I am a runner – Mark

The sea and soil

I’ve spent some time today with 2 elements I absolutely love – the sea and soil – both things that involve me spending time outside. The weather has been a wonderfully fresh (so bright sunshine, supported with a biting easterly wind) and once the wind dropped away, the sun’s warmth was a welcome friend. There … Continue reading The sea and soil

I am a runner – Debbie

What does running mean to you: Running is a place where I can meet a small group of people with similar interests, a love speed and sprinting on track. Favourite place to run:  Southwark Athletics track Your best running memory:  The experiences of running at European Masters athletics Championships in Aarhus Denmark. When I watched … Continue reading I am a runner – Debbie

Be healthy, be productive

I was thinking about the purpose of education recently (probably triggered by a book on the American education system called the Knowledge Gap) and started mulling over this over. Asking myself again and again: What is the purpose of education – what is it there for? The question itself fascinated me, as at a macro … Continue reading Be healthy, be productive