Onwards to Boston

I do hope I’m not tempting fate writing about this (although how much tempting fate is our subconscious bias, influencing behaviour leading to the exact outcome we want to avoid I’m unsure about) but to date my road to Boston has been smooth. Hotel for Boston is booked, next flights and somewhere post run to … Continue reading Onwards to Boston

New Breathwork studies

I received a round robin email a couple of weeks ago that had links to 2 new breathwork studies that have just been released. One a meta study (so pulling together of lots of other studies) which I’ll come back to another time. The second was a jointly authored paper by several people, including Andrew … Continue reading New Breathwork studies

A New Year

It’s that time of year when I reflect on what has happened and plan forward for what is to come. I’ve started doing this in a more structured fashion over the last couple of years and found it helpful in terms of where I want to be from a zoomed out perspective. This then informs … Continue reading A New Year