Rib Flare

I went down a rabbit hole last week, researching rib flare in runners (or hyper extended ribs) and ended up on a long and interesting journey that took in several books and helped pull together some threads for me, alongside which hopefully has helped developed a deeper understanding around just how key the diaphragm & … Continue reading Rib Flare

Subtract & add

I’ve nearly finished this book – a really enjoyable (and thoughtful) read. It centres around the idea that we all too often add as opposed to subtract – or as the book progresses subtract and add, as opposed to one or the other. Reading this before going on holiday, a couple of weeks ago was … Continue reading Subtract & add

Breathing for Warriors

I finished reading this last week – I’d bought after reading / being reminded about the book elsewhere and was curious as to what I’d find useful in it, how it was structured and what it could teach me. It was an easy read, well structured and helpful in understanding how we breathe and how … Continue reading Breathing for Warriors


I’ve had the pleasure of receiving some wonderful feedback from various people that I work with or have worked with. It’s up on the website and I feel really grateful that kind words have been written: Katrina: As someone who does ultra running, I am unfortunately not good at managing my breath running, in the … Continue reading Testimonials

Coaching – why?

I’ve had this on my mind recently – in terms of two questions I was asked, one recently taking me back in a circular fashion to another, I was asked a few months ago. Both have this principle (coaching – why?) central to underpinning the question asked and so I thought it was a good … Continue reading Coaching – why?

Rehabbing my calf

After resting for 2 weeks, when I did eventual get back to running it went straight away – a case of too much too soon, not enough elsewhere, any and all of the above – who knows. What then followed was a full day of incredible frustration and grumpiness (which I decided to sit with … Continue reading Rehabbing my calf