New York Marathon fly-by

Following on from the flybys I found for Berlin, London & Chicago I’ve found one today for New York (still a couple of weeks away). New York was the first marathon that I ran. The energy and atmosphere was phenomenal. Re-watching the video I’ve remembered the bridge coming back into Manhatten at around 15-16miles. The … Continue reading New York Marathon fly-by

Breathing as we run

I’ve been enjoying my running a lot more over the last few weeks – partly as I’ve relaxed a little and also I’ve been fortunate with aches, pains, niggles and injuries (long may this continue). I’ve been able to run in more organised races – the Big Half, the first half of the London marathon … Continue reading Breathing as we run


I love the mountains – so decided for my 50th birthday to come to Snowdonia with Jen. We’ve been really lucky with the weather – initially the forecast for today (Sunday) was very high winds and lots of rain. Thankfully that hasn’t materialised. I knew yesterday was going to be good so planned to do … Continue reading Mountains

Marathon fly-bys

With Autumn marathon season nearly upon us I’ve had a look on YouTube to find some flyby videos of Berlin, London & Chicago. When I was pencilled in to run Boston in COVID 2020 year I watched the Boston video several times. It’s a great way to try and familiarise yourself with the course (in … Continue reading Marathon fly-bys

Books page

I’ve created a new reference page for any books I read on the breath, which hopefully will evolve over time to keep as updated as possible. My intention is to help guide others to books where they may be unsure to look: Continue reading Books page